Improve Customer Experience by CSAT & NPS Feedback

Give your team the tools to increase customer happiness. Set questions - Schedule Survey - Get Feedback by SMS, Email - NPS Dashboards Captures customer satisfaction information directly from your website, mobile apps, or by SMS or by Email notifications. Review real-time CSAT & NPS metrics to improve customer experience. Automating routine tasks like sending reminders, payment information, making communication by digital mediums, enhancing engagement and retain relationships with customers, vendors and employees.

Create Your Own Customer Satisfaction Survey

Create your online survey in minutes. Reach your audience on every device. View survey results graphically and in real-time. Configure survey questions, schedule survey, get feedback by SMS, Email, mobile devices, review CSAT & NPS in real-time dashboards. CHI® Express empowers you to measure CX, CSAT & NPS metrics in real-time. Convert your ideas to survey questions. Realize what kind of data you would like, and choose the appropriate question type text, multiple choice, star rating, or NPS score scale. Ask your customers the Net Promoter® Score question to measure customer satisfaction with your organization, brand, product or service. Easy-to-use survey capabilities and standard reports enable you to monitor voice, social, email, web, and mobile interactions. Now you can analyze how your customers feel, identify problem spots, and provide a contextualized, personalized and immediate response to each piece of feedback collected.
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*NPS®, Net Promoter® & Net Promoter® Score are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.

Survey Reporting by Real-time CX, CSAT & NPS Dashboards

Real-time customer survey analytics helps to measure CX, CSAT & NPS. IT enabled customer experience management solution help to implement business intelligence reports based on your customer satisfaction objectives and happiness measures. In more diverse scenario CX applications are integrated and aligned to capture customer experience data from CRM or ERP system. The CHI® Express dashboards are designed to review and compare the customer experience pattern and can drill-down to the customer feedback data in real-time. Helps to measure CSAT & NPS for automobile, banking, retail, healthcare, hospitality, education and public utility services and several other industries. The easiest and most effective way to capture actionable customer feedback.


Automatically trigger CSAT & NPS Survey Campaign for real-time analytics. Generate alerts and action points within your organization.


Capture customer feedback CSAT & NPS in real-time across all channels like from SMS, email, CATI and mobile interactions.


Customer reviews and ratings can be a vital tool for building trust. Dashboards to review customer CSAT & NPS and encourage your promoters to share to gain more customers.


Respond to customer expectations, address dissatisfaction by action points within your organization. The easiest and most effective way to capture actionable customer feedback.

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Implement Scheduled CSAT & NPS Surveys

Maximize customer satisfaction, manage resources and optimize processes by implementing a real-time customer feedback management solution. CHI® Express provides simple online interfaces to configure and schedule CSAT & NPS surveys integrated with your CRM system. Integration of customer experience management surveys with your CRM or POS or ERP system will allow you to measure customer experience pattern in real-time. Transform your existing solutions with integrated CEM communications and the power of transactional surveys through POS or CRM system. Managing the performance of your CRM and connect with your customers just got easier by IT enabled CEM that captures customer feedbacks by digital channels. The CHI® Express real-time customer experience management solution helps to provide 360-degree view of your complete customer satisfaction. The effectiveness of CHI® Express Customer Experience Management is derived by different CSAT & NPS attributes like price experience, promotion experience or loyalty program effectiveness.

Online CEM Configuration

Quick changes in online CX survey configuration will refresh changes instantly in online CX campaign without IT expert involvement.

Seamless CRM Integrations

Works with any CRM like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or other third-party CRM systems. Supported through a simple and powerful API framework.

Dashboards and Reports

Actionable CX insights by powerful analytics through real-time CX, CSAT & NPS reporting. It's simple to manage and automatically triggers alerts.

Measure Real-time CX

Helps to measure the effectiveness of CX campaigns by viewing statistics by location, real-time dashboards to review CX promotions and plan online CEM strategies.

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Next Generation Customer Experience Management

CHI® Express provides quick access to facts with reports, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, real-time information, statistics and the flexibility to manage information for more informed decisions. CHI® Express and Haapi® has pioneered the development of integrated Customer Experience Management framework and applications, catering to leaders in healthcare and several other industries, including retail, banking, hospitality, education and public utility services.


Customer satisfaction capability matrix to analyze and improve customer facing process.


Review customer experience index and dashboards, real-time information, statistics.


Business intelligence framework aligned to business objectives for customer satisfaction.

Touch Points

Capture customer experience feedback through multiple gateways integrated with existing system.

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How to Integrate Customer Experience Framework for your industry

CHI® Express Customer Experience Management dashboards provides real-time CX reporting of summarized results from transactional CX surveys integrated with your CRM or POS or ERP system. These CEM dashboards allow you to measure your customers’ digital or online satisfaction and customer experience pattern in real-time. Long story short, customer experience is truly a differentiator in today’s digital and online marketplace. CHI® Express dashboards ensure customer experience management implementation with your ERP or CRM system through the powerful API framework, which enables seamless integration of CEM. The transactional surveys provide actionable insights derived trough a leadership-driven, collaborative approach to address customer concerns and dissatisfactions in real-time. The Customer Experience Management solution transforms the real-time customer feedbacks through digital mediums like SMS, Email and other multiple social touch-points to build the optimum service delivery framework, by empowering industry leaders in automobile, banking, retail, healthcare, hospitality, education and public utility services and several other industries.


Self-service technologies and Customer Experience in Healthcare


Measure business travelers satisfaction and align it to loyalty programs


Customer Experience management strategies in Hospitality

Public Utilities

Provide customer satisfaction ranking for comparing Public Utility Services


Increase customer experience Dynamics in Retail Industry through CHI® Express


Measure customer service quality in banking industry through CHI® Express

Service Provider

CHI® Express enables to measure and monitor customer happiness in your Business


Satisfied insured turn into advocates, recommending their insurance companies to others


Measure student satisfaction dimensions in universities and educational institutions

Supply Chain

Measure & enhance customer experience to focus on total system efficiency within it

Shipping & Logistics

CX enhancements and measurement for shipping & logistics using CHI® Express


Capture "voice of customer" through our CEM solution in automobile industry

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Want to customize and integrate CEM with your business applications ?

  • CHI® Express allows you to customize, import and export data, configure workflow rules, link with standard CRM modules and generate insightful CX reports.

  • CHI® Express integrates online transaction & CX updates, it’s the starting point to capture digital customer experience and establish contact between the brand and customer.

  • CHI® Express automates CEM & integrates with your existing system, to improve customer facing workflow and focus on creating and capturing opportunities from CX Dashboards.

  • Actionable CX insights by powerful analytics through real-time reporting by CHI® Express. No complicated setup, you can control CX campaign without calling IT. It also automatically triggers alerts.

  • CHI® Express works integrated with your system or any third party CRM supports integration through the simple and powerful API framework.

  • CHI® Express dashboards & CX reports provide real-time preview of summarized results of customer feedbacks and actionable insights are derived.