F Customer Satisfaction in Education Industry

Online Training & Learning Experience Survey

The trend of students opting to take online courses over traditional face-to-face (F2F) classes has led to an increase satisfaction surveys related to online training and learning services. Most of the current surveys around online learning focuses on student learning, student satisfaction, students' preferences for online courses, and improving engagement or social situations.


World of Digital Learning Experience

eLearning and training survey answers are very effective about the issue of student expectation, satisfaction and positive student attitudes can lead to increased motivation and enhanced learning. Similarly, we found that developing a strong online community with student–student interaction, timely interaction between students and instructors and taking quick survey once in a week time, and that helps in technical support which are all critical to satisfaction with online learning. The CHI® Express CEM solution can positively affect your overall survey plans in the same way customer experience programs focus on making each survey interaction is effective. Focus on measurable student experience objectives so you know what improvement is required in student or training feedback surveys as well.


eLearning models that integrate key service activities into student satisfaction surveys.


Training survey feedback & satisfaction surveys helps to enhance student engagement.

Data Collection

Survey enabled comparison of experiences of online training Vs. traditional F2F classes.

Data Analysis

Helps to analyze data-driven, real-time cross-channel student experience monitoring and action-points.

E-learning Engagement For Learners

By making each time students interact with your eLearning system, and share their experiences, the entire effort becomes a great one. If you make each part of your CEM process as well designed for best student experience and engaging them as possible, each course will build to great impact on your organization. The CHI® Express CEM solution used for IT integration with your IT applications seamlessly allowing your students to interact through the most natural communication mediums like interactive kiosks, mobile application, email or SMS interface. CHI® Express customer experience management solution implemented with your enterprise system to improve student experience, employee productivity, reduce operational cost and achieve optimization. The Happiness Analysis API performs detailed student or participant satisfaction survey and their experience analysis based on real-time on responses.


IT enabled student experience & satisfaction analytics integrated with your enterprise applications.


Student Experience integrated with your enterprise system and empower you to achieve student satisfaction.


Integrated and manage eLearfning applications to analyze and consolidate student satisfaction through.


Intuitive KPI Dashboards to establish and monitor results and real-time analytics for quick business decisions for your enterprise.