How to Measure Customer Experience

CHI® Express CEM framework and dashboards helps to measure and monitor customer experiences and helps to analyze effectiveness of strategies, metrics and best practices for you to achieve target customers. Surveying customer experience is the effective way of getting customer feedbacks through CEM framework. CHI® Express allows you to customize, import and export customer feedback data, configure workflow rules, integrate with standard CRM modules and generate insightful CX reports. It's simple to manage and automatically triggers CX surveys and notifies alerts for adverse CX feedbacks. Works with any CRM or ERP through a simple and powerful API framework.

How It Works

CX Dashboards Provide Actionable Insights

CHI® Express Customer Experience Management dashboards provides real-time preview of summarized results of customer feedbacks integrated with your CRM or POS or ERP system. The dashboard ensures customer experience management implementation integrated with your existing system through the powerful API framework, which enables seamless integration of CEM. The customer transactional surveys reports provide actionable insights derived trough a leadership-driven, collaborative approach to address customer concerns and dissatisfactions in real-time.

The Customer Experience Management dashboard transforms the real-time customer feedbacks through digital mediums like SMS, Email and other multiple social touch-points to build the optimum service delivery framework, by empowering industry leaders in automobile, banking, retail, healthcare, hospitality, education and public utility services and several other industries.

Seamless CRM Integrations Steps

Empowers you to integrate Customer Experience Management with all types of interactions that customers have with your products or services. Please refer steps below to explore the CX implementation details. Helps to measure the effectiveness of CX campaigns by viewing CX dashboard and reports. Enables you to compare CX parameter by responsive and real-time dashboards to review CX promotions and plan online CEM strategies by following quick implementation steps.

Step 1

Integration of CX Framework with your CRM and/or ERP Applications

Step 2

Engage and notify customers for feedback request through Email, SMS, Kiosk or CATI.

Step 3
Capture & Analyze

Capture and analyze real-time CX responses for each campaign

Step 4

Integrate CX reports back into your CRM and/or ERP for review

Step 5

Review real-time CX data through location-wise or CXR-wise dashboard

Step 6
Brand advocacy

Improvement in Customer Experience, CSAT & NPS scores